Who’s a Good Criminal Defense Lawyer in Valdosta?

Guyton O Terry, III can help with drug charges and other criminal defense cases

Have you been charged with a misdemeanor or felony crime in the state of Georgia? Don’t wait to contact Guyton O Terry, III, PC. After all, your future could depend on working with a devoted and trustworthy advocate.

Attorney Guyton O Terry, III can defend you against any charge. He will:

  • Visit you in the county jail for a free consultation.
  • Visit you elsewhere for a travel and consultation fee.
  • Develop an effective defense strategy for your criminal case.

Guyton O Terry, III helps clients with probation revocation issues. Contact him today!

Work with a veteran defense advocate in the Valdosta, GA area

Do you want to obtain the best outcome in your criminal case? Don’t settle for a subpar public defender who doesn’t care about you. Contact Guyton O Terry, III immediately. Drawing on his 19 years of legal experience, he’ll provide savvy counsel and representation both inside and outside the courtroom. You’ll be put in the best possible legal position.

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